Learn Chinese
in China fast,
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Our Missions
1. Help foreigners in China master more than 1000 Chinese sentences which are frequently used in daily conversations in 12 days.
2. Help our foreigner students with different kinds of difficulties that they meet in their daily life in China.
Why us?
1. 1-on-1 training price:

Others offer: >10,000RMB

We offer: 400~4,500RMB (200~2,250RMB for 1-on-2 training)
2. To master 1,000 sentences:

Others take: At least 2 months

We take: Only 12 days (The date and time of each class will be decided by you)
3. About the teachers:

Others: arrange 1 or 2 teachers and the teaching styles are fixed

Us: You can change your teachers 3-8 times. This allows to keep the feeling of a fresh teaching style
4. About the payment:

Others: Require you to pay before class

Us: The payment is made after you attend the class and feel satisfied
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