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Situation 1 (Only learn a few days for the topics which are of interest to you)
Situation 2
(Need the all 12 days)
1-on-1 Training: 400RMB/4 hours/day 1-on-2 Training: 200RMB/4 hours/day (Pay after you attend the class and feel satisfied.)
1-on-1 Training: 300RMB discount is offered, so it's 400X12-300=4,500RMB
1-on-2 Training: 150RMB discount is offered, so it's 200X12-150=2,250RMB
(Pay daily + The chance to get 7 gifts)
General Procedure
of Using 0ur Training
1. Choose your preferred teacher for your next course on our website
2. Contact our dean of studies at least 1 day in advance with these info.:
1. Which teacher you want to use; 2. Your
location(we'll use the nearest café/office if
you don't want to study in your home/office); 3. Which date and what time
3. Go to attend the class with
your "Course Trace Form" (You'll get it on the first day of your
training), you'll grade your teacher in the terms of great/good/so-so/bad and state if you want another teacher.
1. If you're interested in attending parties
to improve your oral Chinese and make new friends, please visit our website regularly for the newest notification of parties.
2. If you meet any difficulties in China, you're
welcome to contact our teachers or dean of
studies (she'll arrange the teachers/sales to help you), we want you not to feel alone in the 22 cities.
7 Free Gifts
How to get the free gifts?
Just plz finish the 12-day course within 2 months then you can get them:)
7 Gifts=A(2 gifts)+B(2 gifts)+C(3 gifts), A and B each has 3 options
Names of the gifts:
Porcelain vase, porcelain sitting dish,
Peking Opera mask, wooden folding fan, Chinese knot, chopsticks, paper cut (of
Chinese Zodiac).
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