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Please choose your favorite teachers for your training(every teacher has an unique Teacher ID, which is next to his/her name), we have 3 groups of teachers, TA Group is for the 1st+2nd+11th+12th days' training, TB Group is for the 3rd+4th+5th+6th days, and TC Group is for the 7th+8th+9th+10th days.
TA Goup(Day1,2,11,12)
TB Group (Day3,4,5,6)
TC Group (Day7,8,9,10)
Julie - TA087
Fannie - TA088
Lareina - TA089
Iris - TA090
Ingrid - TA091
Cherry - TA092
Lillian - TA093
Wendy - TA094
Julia - TA095
Alice - TA096
Jocelyn - TB225
Daisy - TB226
Joanna - TB227
Mark - TB228
Vivian - TB229
Allison - TB230
Louis - TB231
Donna - TB232
Cora - TB233
Marcus - TB234
Cherry - TC373
Fannie - TC374
Steven - TC375
Donna - TC376
Carrie - TC377
Aimee - TC378
Joyce - TC379
Taylor - TC380
Emily - TC381
Tom - TC382
Teachers in Guangzhou
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