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Please choose your favorite teachers for your training(every teacher has an unique Teacher ID, which is next to his/her name), we have 3 groups of teachers, TA Group is for the 1st+2nd+11th+12th days' training, TB Group is for the 3rd+4th+5th+6th days, and TC Group is for the 7th+8th+9th+10th days.
TA Goup(Day1,2,11,12)
TB Group (Day3,4,5,6)
TC Group (Day7,8,9,10)
Aimee - TA077
Jodie - TA078
Claudia - TA079
Carrie - TA080
Donna - TA081
Darcy - TA082
Cora - TA083
Kitty - TA084
Ishara - TA085
Selina - TA086
Heidi - TB215
Wendy - TB216
Jason - TB217
Lena - TB218
Helena - AB219
Candice - TB220
Kevin - TB221
Hebe - TB222
Nancy - TB223
Larry - TB224
Joan - TC363
Jenny - TC364
Robin - TC365
Ariel - TC366
Victoria - TC367
Carrie - TC368
Ryan - TC369
Sam - TC370
Jane - TC371
Alice - TC372
Teachers in Shanghai
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