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What do we do? We aim to help expats in China with different kinds of questions/difficulties by having gathered hundreds of China local specialists from different industries and offering channels to make the help convenient, cheap and instant! Why do you need us? We believe that you're wise, you have wise friends, and that you can find solutions on internet with enough time and effort. But even then, you still can't settle all questions/ difficulties, and most of time actually you just don't need to spend so much time, effort (and even money) on a problem which is "tiny" for the natives... Expats always deserve the natives' respect and help, please let our Great Natives Team help you, with us you'll be able to rely on your friends' help less and help your friends MORE.
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Two of the best websites for renting an apartment in China are: "58同城"(www.58.com/chuzu) and "房天下"(zu.fang.com). They are not English websites but they offer much better prices and more options than those English ones. If you can't speak Chinese, please ask your friends or CNHelpers for help, they can easily help you get a nice apartment within your budget.
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