Learn Chinese
in China fast,
cheaply and happil

Names of the gifts: porcelain vase, porcelain sitting dish, Chinese knot, wooden folding fan, Peking Opera mask, chopsticks, paper cut (of Chinese Zodiac).
1. One-to-one training price:
Why us?
Others: >10,000RMB
Us: 4,500RMB for 1-to-1 training
       2,250RMB for 1-to-2 training
2. To master 1,000 sentences:
Others: At least 2 monthes
Us: Only 12 days (The 12 days can be
disconnected according to ur demand)
3. About the teachers:
Others: 1 or 2 teachers are arranged,
teaching styles are fixed
Us: You can change your teachers 3-8
times to keep feeling the teaching style is fresh.
4. About the location:
Others: The classroom or your home
in 1 city
Us: Besides our office and your home, we cooperate with 20-50 cafes in each city.
5. About the payment:
Others: Pay before class
Us: Pay after you attend the class and
feel it's satisfying.
6. About the gift:
Others: Small gift or No gift
Us: 7 gifts which worth more than
300RMB for all students who finish
the 12-day course within 2 monthes
Others: The 1 or 2 teachers may be
your long-term friends
Us: Besides that you can have your
3-8 teachers as friends, our teachers
in other 21 cities can also be helpful
when you go to a new city. And you
still can attend our parties in 22 cities
after the whole course is finished.
7. About the friendship:
7 Free Gifts
Course Plan
1. About 25 sentences/topic/hour, 4 hours/day, so it's about 100 sentences/day.
2. The 12 days can be disconnected and
the course order can be rearranged
according to your demand.
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