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Course Plan

Price (1-on-1 Training)
Situation 1 (Only learn a few days for the topics which are of interest to you)
Situation 2
(Need the all 12 days)
400RMB/4 hours/day, pay after you attend the class and feel satisfied For 1-on-2 training, each student gets a 50% discount
300RMB discount is offered, so it's 400X12-300=4,500RMB
For 1-on-2 training, each student gets a 50% discount
1. About 25 sentences/topic/hour, 4 hours/day. In total you can learn 100 sentences in one day.
2. The date and time of each class will be decided by you, the course order can be rearranged.
7 Free Gifts
  Who can get the free gifts?
1. If you're our student, please finish the 12-day course within 2 months then you can get them:)
2. If you're not our student, please introduce us to your friends, if anyone of them will use our training(even if only 1 day), you'll get the 7 gifts. And actually you're welcome to be our part-time worker(as Marketing Specialist), it's easy to make 20,000RMB/month since we offer 200RMB/student as commission, please contact us on our Wechat Official Account.
  7 Gifts=A(2 gifts)+B(2 gifts)+C(3 gifts), A and B each has 3 options
Names of the gifts:
Porcelain vase, porcelain sitting dish, Peking Opera mask, wooden folding fan, Chinese knot, chopsticks, paper cut (of Chinese Zodiac).
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