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If you're interested, please send your resume to:
On-line Marketing Specialist
Demand:  Can speak English (No other special requirement, the working time and location are flexible - can work home) Duty: Recruiting students online by spreading our website & picture of free gifts, just apply for a CNHelper No. from us then you can start it, the interested students will contact you and then you only need to tell us their wechat/other contact info.
Off-line Marketing Specialist
Demand: Living in China, look charming, kind and energetic Duty: Recruiting students by sending fliers for us, your CNHelper No. and contact info. will be on the fliers, and each flier can be sent with a flower if you think only sending fliers is boring and impolite. Weekly wage: The same with above on-line marketing's, and a marketing specialist can do on-line and off-line marketing at the same time.
Foreign Interviewer
Demand:  Mother language is English, fluent in Chinese (better studied in China before), have at least 2 years experience in teaching. Duty: We have 3 steps to successfully recruit a teacher, and you're responsible for the step 2: Step 1: Check on the basic information (Including appearance, education background, working experience, etc.) + Pronounciation test on English and Chinese Step 2: The trial lecture to the foreign interviewer (The foreign interviewer will play the role of student, the interviewees can continue to the step 3 only if he/she is judged to be a good teacher here.) Step 3: The trial lecture to the Chinese interviewer + Teacher Training Salary: to be discussed

Weekly wage for part-timers
(Pay on each Monday)

< 20 students

200RMB/student18 Students: 200X18=3,600RMB

≥ 20 students

5,000RMB(for the 20) + 100RMB/student(for the part beyond 20)22 students: 5,000+100X(22-20)=5,200RMB

Monthly wage for full-timers
(Pay on the 1st of each month)

≤ 50 students

12,000RMB18 Students: 12,000RMB

50 students

12,000+200X(Total-50)150 Students: 12,000+200X(150-50)=32,000

Remark: Only excellent part-timers who have ≥ 2 mothes experience for us can apply for this position, and the working time will be fixed (8 hours*5 days per week)

For example
Students gained
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